The purpose of Special Needs Planning is to provide help surrounding the lifetime financial and medical needs of a person with disabilities. The lives of loved ones with disabilities can be dramatically improved through proper estate planning by parents and other loved ones. Protecting the assets and needs-based government benefits of a person with disabilities now and in the future is vital, especially since needs-based government benefits like Medicaid and SSI, if available, often only supply the bare minimum needs of a disabled person. This protection and enhancement of the quality of life of a disabled person requires careful planning by experienced professionals who understand the unique problems of people with disabilities.

Special needs planning is far more than just drafting special needs trusts. Although a special needs trusts can help protect government benefits like SSI, and Medicaid, a special needs planning attorney will also advise families about the constantly changing federal and state laws and regulations that affect persons with disabilities. In addition, special needs trusts are not appropriate in every case; sometimes there are better ways to plan the future needs of someone with disabilities. A special needs planning team should include knowledgeable attorneys, financial advisors, and health care professionals to help guide the family through the planning process.

Appropriate estate planning by family members can enhance the lives of loved ones with disabilities today and in the future. Our attorneys who engage in special needs planning are able to provide the guidance and expertise families need to protect and to maximize the quality of life of a family member with disabilities.

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